Who are the...

Two Lucky Ducks?


The Two Lucky Ducks...
are Simon and Aurélie

I Simon was very lucky to meet the beautiful, resourceful, talented, and very French Aurélie (who was on holiday) - when living on the North coast of NSW back in 2014... and Aurélie may read this! 😛

Since then we (Simon and Aurélie) have become partners, Aurélie has become an Australia citizen, together we had a young son (Louis), and we moved onto 5 acres of land located on the idyllic mid north coast of NSW (at a place called Valla, about 20 minutes south of Coffs Harbour).

We have created a diverse home based business (partnership) that has our feet (and our tourist accommodation, the Lucky Duck Bus) firmly on ground, and our services (Web Design and Development, and French Language Services) able to reach both locally and globally (working remotely / on-line).

Indeed, we  consider ourselves to be “two (very) lucky ducks” - being able to live and work from home in such a beautiful part of the world (forest and mountains on one side and the ocean and surf on the other), with a growing little man, sharing our skills and our boutique accommodation (that people love).... all while surrounded by the Australian sub-tropical environment and nature, and a warm and supportive local community.

Quack Quack!

The Lucky Duck Bus

In 2016, we purchased a 1977 Mercedes Bus (from a limousine company in Woolongong) and spent over a year renovating and restyling her from a School Bus / Tourist bus into something completely new. She's now fully council and RFS approved, Eco-Tourist accommodation known as the "Lucky Duck Bus”.

The "Lucky Duck Bus” is a 70s retro, coastal-chic style bus (or not so tiny house) with French touches. She, along with the outdoor facilities and the "disco dunny, are highly functional, very comfortable, rustic, fun, quirky, memorable and available for short term accommodation via AirBnb, located in Valla, NSW, Australia.

Show me this Bus!